Christmas came early this year for Shopify developers. If you’re not a Shopify developer or missed the news, as of August 1, 2021, Shopify is offering 0% revenue share on the first million dollars your apps make annually on the Shopify App Store (previously 20%).

In case you haven’t applied yet, go for it. Takes a few seconds and you’ll likely be approved within minutes.

If August was kind to you and your app business, my ask and the message of this post is simple:

Use the extra money you made from 0% revenue share to help a good cause of your choice. Share your story to inspire others!

Thank you, Shopify, for making this possible.

Opportunities to help are endless. Especially now. Let’s do this, Shopify Devs 👫


How we’re helping

I’m using some of my August revenues to support Bangkok Community Help Foundation. They’re working tirelessly helping local communities that need it the most.

This month, I’ll also be tipping food delivery drivers about 5x more than I normally would. Such a simple and inexpensive way to brighten someone’s day. Thanks, Reddit! 💖

Have you made a donation or found other creative ways to help? Share your story on Twitter so I can give you a shout out in this section!