Robin PRO Image Gallery

Robin PRO is the definitive image gallery app built for 2023. Fast, mobile-first, beautiful. A must-have for any shop owner who cares about details and pixel-perfect user experience. Create a great first impression that converts into sales!

Ready to take your store to the next level?

Image gallery app built for 2023 Fast, mobile-first, beautiful. Create a great first impression that converts into sales!

Faster store, more sales

Robin PRO doesn’t make your store slower. In fact, you’ll make your store load much faster by moving your product images to Robin PRO. Unlike other apps, Robin PRO quietly works in the background and lets your store fully load before it renders your galleries.


Choose between grid or masonry gallery layouts. Easily customize all parameters.

Instant image delivery

Fast content delivery network (CDN) - the same one used by the likes of reddit or Product Hunt. Your visitors will download your images from a server nearest to where they currently are. It doesn’t get faster than that!

Smart image optimization

Robin PRO automatically compresses and optimizes your images. They will be delivered without loss of quality, in the right size, in stunning colors.


Dynamically apply watermarks to your images to protect them from theft.


Enjoy the most advanced mobile support available. Horizontal swipe to browse images, spread to zoom in. Vertical swipe or pinch to close gallery.


Robust and beautiful Lightbox engine with pixel-perfect vector icons. You’ll love the zoom button (see the image in full resolution), as well as native full-screen mode.


Smart thumbnails (if your image shows a person, the thumbnail will show their face, not a random cut-out from the image) and smart image loading (Lightbox loads neighboring images based on user movement - never more than it needs).

Fun to use

Admin interface that is a pure delight to work with. Robin PRO is proudly built with Shopify’s Polaris framework. Upload your images in bulk, configure anything with one click. Add your galleries to any page with one line of code. Every interaction is instantaneous, no page reloads. Ever.

Fast setup

Let us migrate your galleries from other apps. Your visitors will get better experience with no extra effort for you.

Fully compatible

Works on any browser, computer, or mobile device. Avoid embarrassing situations when your store breaks for certain customers.


Images use captions as alt tags to help your store rank better in Google.


Crafted using the latest technologies used by Facebook and others. We’re constantly adding new features, so that you keep getting more value out of it for the same price.

Why Robin?

Robins are fast, nimble creatures, delighting people with their beauty. I’ve developed Robin PRO from the ground up around these principles.

Robin illustration has been kindly provided by the amazing Stephanie Fizer Coleman.


Dec 29, 2020

Adding galleries to your homepage (or any other part of your store that works with sections) has never been easier. No need to touch code at all.

Add the section, select a gallery, save your theme, done!

Aug 22, 2020

Now you have full control over all the labels so you can customize or translate them according to your needs.

Jun 18, 2020

You can now easily sort galleries. A little quality-of-life improvement for merchants with lots of galleries.

Nov 23, 2019

When opening a gallery on a mobile device, users are presented with a quick reminder letting them know they can navigate between gallery images by swiping left and right.

Nov 5, 2019

Compact view galleries now show a Reset button to quickly minimize the expanded gallery back to the initial two rows of images.

Nov 4, 2019

Thanks to smart caching, galleries are now returned and rendered up to 2x faster!

Oct 29, 2019

App CSS style definitions are now strictly scoped. This is to prevent conflicts in rare cases when parent Shopify theme also uses Photoswipe to render its images.

Oct 8, 2019

Optimized the way the list of your galleries is loaded so that they’re only fetched once. This saves you time when you’re returning back from the gallery view to the galleries list view.

Oct 5, 2019

The same gallery can now be displayed on the same page as many times as you need. Fixed a sneaky bug that would only permit the first instance of a gallery to be rendered.

Oct 2, 2019

Image uploads are now multipart. This means they can be conveniently paused and resumed at any time.

This is especially useful when an upload fails. When you retry, you’ll resume the previous upload. You’ll never have to re-upload the whole file from scratch again.

Sep 24, 2019

Responsive images for retina screens. The app now uses srcset to render high-resolution images on devices that support them.

This is critical for delivering a great user experience on mobile devices. The latest iPhones, as well as most high-end Android devices require images in 3x the resolution to deliver a sharp-looking image.

Sep 13, 2019

Fixed gallery style definitions to make them immune from being overridden by theme styles.

Sep 9, 2019

Gallery image thumbnails now come with on-hover overlays. These display image caption (if provided) or show an icon as a fallback.